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we do the hard work, so you don't have to. 

take the guesswork out of your trades, and let the experienced do it for you.

Crypto Advisory VIP auto-forwards sourced calls from multiple paid sources
and offers premium support at a fraction the price. 

telegram sources stress-tested. 

Our team obtains analysis on source channel signals and considers their performance prior to adding them to our offering.
If signals fail to produce a reasonable return on investment over a reasonable time period, they don't qualify. 

For a raw-data performance record of some of our channels,
click here (PDF) or here (xls)




  • Guaranteed forwarding of at least 5 of the highest ranked paid VIP Telegram signals

  • Locked in subscription fees per year regardless of increased channel offering  

  • Professional and dedicated Telegram support @DigitalAssetGroup

  • Full visibility over which sources your signals are derived

  • Over 15 ETH of value in curated signals, for less than 10% the fee. 


benefits of amalgamated signals

The cryptoasset landscape is wildly volatile.

In bullish markets, a novice trader can experience high, consistent returns on a variety of alt-coin trades and short-term investments. Though, in bearish cycles, means to achieve returns aren't as easily discernible.  

Instead of offering yet another VIP paid channel, we auto-forward signals from multiple source channels to subscribers, saving them significant fees on multiple VIP subscriptions. 

As signals are forwarded, subscribers  maintain visibility over the source of all signals to cross-verify against source channels.  Our team will also provide dedicated Telegram administrative and trading support

Save on fees. hit higher targets with your trades.


Profit maximization is just a few clicks away. 


Our Channel Offering

Crypto Advisory VIP is a private Telegram Channel which amalgamates the trade signals of at least 10 proven VIP paid Telegram Channels at any one time, into one amalgamated channel for a fraction the cost. As at June 2018, the groups from which we are sourcing signals, their hyperlinked URL's (click on the grey titles) and their respective costs are: 


  1. Asian Whales Club made up of AWC VIP Channel,
    AWC VIP Binance    (0.2 BTC lifetime);

  2. Cryptoland Elite    (made up of Signals,
    Margin [Bitmex] calls)    (0.05 BTC lifetime);

  3. Asian Whales    (0.15 BTC lifetime);

  4. Coin Trading Signals    (0.15 BTC lifetime); 

  5. Edward Morra Trading (0.05 BTC / YEAR); 

  6. Paid Trading (DZ871)    (0.1 BTC lifetime);

  7. Mining Hamster ($70 / year)

  8. AltSignals    ($100 / month);

  9. VIP Crypto Zone    ($99 / lifetime); 

  10. Crypto Bullet (1.5 ETH lifetime)

  11. Premium technical analysis (variable); 

  12. Crypto Signals Premium Club (0.05 BTC lifetime). 

= a total upfront ANNUAL value
of 3 bTC, or 40 ETH. 


Due to the cyclic downturn in the market as of January 2018, we currently charge 1 ETH for ANNUAL ACCESS to Crypto Advisory | VIP, or 2 ETH for LIFETIME ACCESS. Should one of the above channels from which we curate our signals expire, cease to exist or otherwise fail to provide reliability in their signal calls, we will replace with another, highly ranked premium service at no cost to already subscribed Channel members. 

Note, we reserve the right to:

  • increase our subscription fee during market improvements. Existing subscribed members will not be affected or required to pay any additional fees;
  • change our channel offering from time to time, based on signal performance analysis and other factors. 


There are hundreds of Telegram channels who claim big returns to their subscriber base. Most of these claims are untested. Until now. 

In brief, our methodology is as follows: 

  1. We subscribe to paid channels on the recommendation of our user base or popular review; 
  2. We obtain records of their performance, and make these publicly available. 
  3. Only channels which return a reasonable ROI qualify to be added to our offering. Once added. existing subscribers receive the additional benefit with no additional charge. 


Have channel recommendations? Contact us and we'll happily research if we haven't already. 


Dedicated Telegram support

Contact DigitalAssetGroup for questions, comments or advice and experience the rarity of Telegram-admin professionalism.


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