our most frequently asked questions,

Click the image above to contact   Digital Asset Group   on Telegram for subscription enquiries

Click the image above to contact Digital Asset Group on Telegram for subscription enquiries


Screen images indicating source channel of trading signals


1. how quickly do you forward signals from source channels?

Immediately. All messages from source channels are auto-forwarded by code to the destination channel, being Crypto Advisory | VIP. On technical terms, the messages are "parsed instantaneously." 


2. Can we see the original source channel of the signals?

Yes.  All our signals are auto-forwarded with the exact source of the channel identified. See our screenshots on our homepage or on the left of this page for examples. 

Note -- we forward: 

  • trading signals;

  • margin trading (leveraged) signals (typically BitMEX as platform);

  • Technical analysis;

  • ICO information, updates and opportunities;

  • Forecasts, mid and long-term hold insights,

from our source channels. 


3. do you edit or choose which signals to forward?

No.  All signals are forwarded instantaneously without an opportunity to edit. 

If however, the signal from the source channel is a "test", or a "mistake" (which does happen), we will, after the fact of it being auto-forwarded to our subscribers, delete the message/signal if it's of no use or utility to subscribers. 


4. why don't you offer free trials? 

Because we rely on you to do your own research into the paid channels we have sourced.

Our service is an aggregator. We trust that our subscribers, or those who intend on subscribing, have done research into the source channels we offer and want to subscribe to them individually or collectively. As such, we don't offer trials -- you can obtain a trial from the source channel provider as part of your due diligence and research. We offer a premium service of merging 10+ of the top, paid signal providers for your benefit and cost-effectiveness. We are taking on a large risk, and free-trials don't fit into that business model. 


5.  Do you offer any guarantees of remaining in existence after I join? 

We can assure you we have every intention on existing for as long as the crypto-currency and trading space or "signal market" exists.

However, we don't offer any guarantees, warranties -- express or implied -- with our service. We are merely offering to auto-forward signals from multiple paid sources so your investment cost into signals is minimised. We are NOT financial advisers and we are NOT providing financial advice.

In terms of our service continuity, so long as: 

  • Telegram exists and signals are able to be auto-forwarded (technological factor);

  • Cryptocurrency "signal" channels continue to exist (demand factor);

  • These services -- signals and our service -- remain legal (legal factor);

  • Our service remains financially viable as a going concern (business factor),

we will continue to provide the service of Crypto Advisory | VIP. 

Note that we do not offer any guarantees or assurances beyond the above. 


6. why do you change your channel offering so frequently?

Because we don’t continue to offer channel signals based on reputation, but on analysis. Once channels fail to provide profitable signals, we look to replace that channel with a higher-performer.


7. CAn I pay in BTC or another currency other than ETH to subscribe? 

Yes. Contact us to discuss equivalents in other currencies. Generally, we don't accept obscure alt-coins, but only the top 5 by market-capitalisation. 


8. Do you accept fiat currency to subscribe? 

We offer PayPal as an alternative, fiat payment method.


9. when was crypto advisory VIP established?

Early 2018. 


10. Does crypto advisory vip offer trading/altcoin/ico support and insights?

Yes. Our dedicated team offers answers to direct questions regarding major developments in the crypto-market.  However take special note: We are not financial advisers and we do not provide investment or financial advice. Do not rely on our responses as a form of investment or financial advice.


11. do you offer anything other than an annual subscription?

We used to, but to simplify things, we decided to adopt an annual subscription model. However, as costs have increased (by offering 10+ channels to which we subscribe to), we reserve the right to increase our subscription cost. 

We do offer some flexibility, however. Should you wish to subscribe on a monthly basis, please contact us.


12. why don't you maintain a free, public channel?

We kind of do, very loosely. See https://t.me/crypto_advisory.

Free, public channels are a target for other free channels to spam for cross-promotions. Further, we don't believe in sending delayed signals to free-channel subscribers to "pump" coin value for paid subscribers, although this is exactly the function free channels provide to paid or VIP subscribers.  

We rely on word-of-mouth and positive reviews, and no longer maintain our free channel. We have divested energy from the free channel in order to ensure our paid channel is as valuable as possible to subscribers. 


13. what are the exchanges I should open an account with to follow signals?

The majority if signals rely on either Binance, or Bittrex. KuCoin is a distant third.  BitMEX is used for those channels which provide signals for leveraged margin trading (ie. shorts/longs). 

Binance is the largest exchange by trading volume, and Bittrex was once one of the most popular exchanges before it started experiencing server lag and technological issues. Bittrex has recently launched a newly revamped platform which should see it re-emerge as a dominant exchange yet again.

During the bearish cycle, there has been a significant increase in channels offering margin-trading (ie. shorting or longing BTC) via the BitMEX trading platform. Indeed, BitMEX dominates the market on trading volume,  with more value being circulated in trades than any traditional paired asset exchange. Should you wish to begin margin trading, we recommend you first test on a zero-risk version of BitMEX (Testnet), at https://testnet.bitmex.com/ prior to margin trading with real digital assets. 


14. Will I become filthy rich from your signals that moon so i can buy a lambo? 

Obviously, a question in jest. 

We are strong advocates of realistic pragmatism. While 2017 was a unusually profitable year for many who invested before Q3, the terms coined by teenagers in the crypto-sphere of "mooning" to buy "lambos" irritates us beyond reason, and any channel which claims to offer [X] hundred % returns on their signals is a pure scam. 

We aim to source channels sources that -- in this highly unregulated market -- have a semblance of respectability about them.  As soon as they develop scam-like characteristics or their accuracy in profitable calls decline below a net-positive, we will delete them from our offering and replace with a channel source which is striving to disseminate beneficial trading tips to their audience. 

Please don't expect any channel or signal to make you rich. While following signals can improve your likelihood of profitable, short term trades,  they can also be be inaccurate. We expect you to enter positions with the understanding of these risks and invest only what you are willing or can afford to lose. 

That said, all of our subscribers are more than happy with our service, and we're yet to hear one provide us with negative feedback. 


15. Do you offer any inCentive to refer subscribers?

Yes. For every person you refer to our channel who subscribes to an annual membership, you will receive 20% to your subscription fee returned to your designated BTC wallet. There is no limit to the number of people you refer, and hence your return from referral bonuses is virtually unlimited. 


16. how many signals do we get per day?

We emphasize that we don't control the number of signals disseminated.  We source channels which provide signals. Depending on how many daily trading signals these channels disseminate, an average day can range from 20 trading signals, to 50 or more. 

Note that not all messages sent by a channel are "signals". We deem "signals" to be explicit trading recommendations where a token or coin is named, a entry-price specified, and sell-targets recommended. We don't consider stop-losses as critical, as anyone can place a stop-loss at around 10% below the entry price. 

In short, our subscribers are reliably receiving a minimum of 20 signals a day from multiple channel sources. 


17. how do you recommend acting on signals? 

First, we advise to never blindly follow signals, and if you're a beginner, placing a small position on any signal to begin to learn how to trade off signal services. 

Second, we don't advise placing more than 20% of your entire holding on any one position or signal. This is a risk-mitigation strategy; for those who are more risk-tolerant, greater capital can be invested on any one trade. 

Third, it is crucial to understand that signal services expect traders to use a sense of common sense. Hence, if a signal provides a token to enter a position at, "2200", this is indicating that you should enter the position at or around that price of BTC which is relevant respective to that trade signal. Using the BTS trading signal below as an example: 

Coin Trading Signals example 2.JPG

The signal states to enter a position of BTS on Binance at a price of under 2200. The signal was received, at 8:25am (in UAE time zone). At the time in which the signal was received, the price of BTS was already 0.00002318. Hence, using a strict-approach, you would not enter the position as the signal stated, "Buy under 2200". 

However the first Sell Target is 2450 (meaning, in this scenario, 0.00002450 BTC). A trader would have to make a decision to enter the signal/trade based on the margin difference between the current price (being 2318) and the first sell target (being 2450). Even entering in the trade at 2318, you would reach a 5.5% profit when the price reached the first sell target, 2450 -- if you sold your entire position. It's not a lot, but it's still more than 1 year returns on an interest basis in a traditional bank term deposit.  You would also realise a greater profit if you apportioned your position to sell at the various targets; for example, 50% of your position at 2450, 20% at 2900, 10% at 3400, 10% at 3900 and the remaining 10% at 4500. The point is, you could still enter the signal at 2318 (despite the signal stating not to buy above 2200) and still reap a profit, assuming that the first few targets are realised. 

This brings us to stop-loss. We have had many traders enquiring why some signals don't provide stop-loss information on their trading calls. 

The answer is simple: You can set your own stop-loss. Stop-loss is merely a way to limit risk, but it's risky using stop-loss at all. That is, prices of a coin/token can drop immediately after a signal due to manipulators and trading bots on the market, thereby triggering stop-losses. Looking at the BTS example, the price of the token dropped immediately after the signal was called (see the orange vertical line in screenshot below).

BTS Example.png

The price of BTS then corrected as a result of people acting on the signal. If you had set a small margin stop-loss (say, 5% or 10% below your buy price), your position would have been immediately closed at around 8:29am. As such, we recommend being cautious with stop loss. Either don't set one at all and actively monitor your positions, or set one 15% or more. There's always a risk your position will be closed before profits are made, hence we ask you to practice with small investments initially to understand the mechanics of trading on signal calls. 


18. Do you offer financial advice? 

No. We are not financial advisers. We do not maintain insurance as financial advisers. We do not profess to be anything other than an amalgamation service. The name "Advisory" in our title relates to our attempts to provide our best-effort answers to questions regarding developments in the crypto-currency market. 


19. of your channel offering, which are the "best"? 

We can't answer this definitively, as the performance of channels change over time. We provide Excel spreadsheet exports of our signal records for subscribers to perform whatever analysis they wish. 

Again, with the caveat that we are not financial advisers, we have found that Coin Trading Signals, AltSignals and Paid Trading (DZ871) outperform Palm Beach VIP, CryptoLand, Asian Whales and some of the other channels we source. Signal Profits is a good contender, and provides useful tips on developments, but we have found that their signals are often issued once the horse has already bolted. 

As always, conduct your own research. Don't try to follow every signal as you'll feel overwhelmed. Pick a few sources, and enter trades when you're ready to immediately execute. 


20. Can I pay my subscription fee from any exchange or wallet?



21. How do you add me to the channel once I've subscribed and deposited?

We add your Telegram username to our channel. You will not be sent an invite link, unless we have issues with adding your Telegram user name. Please ensure you have set a Telegram username prior to subscribing. Note, this is not the same as your Telegram "First name" and "Last name" as it's presented in chats. A username is a unique username which acts much like your email account username.

For example: 

John Smith = First and last name of an email sender 

jsmith77@email.com = jsmith77 is the "username" for the email client, "email.com". 

If you don't know how to set your Telegram username, follow these steps: 

  • Go to your Telegram settings;

  • Tap/click on your set Name;

  • Above where your phone number appears, add a Username to the "Username" field. Telegram will inform you if the username is unique and can be adopted.


22. Where are your terms of use?

See the footer of this website. 

To avoid doubt, they are as follows: 


You understand and acknowledge that Crypto Advisory | VIP provides a culmination service of established Telegram and other platform "signal" providers and shall not be held responsible for any trading losses, financial or otherwise, and that signal dissemination via Telegram and other mediums do not constitute the provision of financial advice: Crypto Advisory | VIP are not financial advisers. You understand that the cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy, is inherently volatile, and investing carries commensurate risk. By registering to receive signals sourced and forwarded by Crypto Advisory | VIP, you are subscribing to a Telegram Channel through which trading signals or recommendations (on the basis of technical analysis, fluctuation trends and market developments) are merely disseminated. You agree to conduct your own research prior to investing into recommended trades and agree to hold Crypto Advisory | VIP harmless from and against all losses, damages, costs, charges, fees, or other expenses or liabilities of any kind or character arising out of or relating to any and all claims or causes of action of every kind and character in connection with subscribing to Crypto Advisory | VIP and its services. 




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