BitMEX margin trading


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Crypto Advisory BitMEX

Crypto Advisory VIP is proud to offer an amalgamated BitMEX trading Telegram channel for those who want to trade with leverage.

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the world's best BITMEX channels.

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Our BitMEX dedicated channel combines BitMEX trading signals from the following channels:

1. Breakout Signals

2. CryptoCoins

3. Trading Crypto Assistant

4. Whales Crypto VIP

5. BitMEX Saviour

6. Bonus BitMEX Signal

7. Crypto Kirby

8. Klondike (Crypto Rush)

9. MaxGains BitMEX

10. Rose BitMEX

11. Yo Crypto Platinum Club

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BitMEX is a leveraged and margin trading platform for crypto-assets. we highly recommend you become familiar with BitMEX trading by first using BitMEX Testnet, a risk-free BitMEX test platform. It is generally advisable that you are comfortable with BitMEX Testnet prior to depositing your crypto-assets for live trading on BitMEX. Links to both platforms are below:

BitMex TestNet