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channel list - AUGUST 2019

channel 1: exchange trading (binance altcoin trading)

1. Alan Masters

2. Alts Saviour

3. Binance VIP

4. CoinsCoach

5. CryptoCue

6. Crypto VIP Zone

7. Fat Pig Signals VIP Service

8. InfoCrypto

9. Klondike Alts

10. MyCryptoParadise

11. Trading Crypto Coach

12. Travelling Trader

13. Coin Trading Signals

14. AltSignals

15. Paid Trading DZ871

16. AWC VIP Channel

Channel 2: BitMEX and leveraged trading

7. Crypto Kirby

8. Klondike (Crypto Rush)

9. MaxGains BitMEX

10. Rose BitMEX

11. Yo Crypto Platinum Club

1. Breakout Signals

2. CryptoCoins

3. Trading Crypto Assistant

4. Whales Crypto VIP

5. BitMEX Saviour

6. Bonus BitMEX Signal

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